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The Gruesome Tale Of Karl Grossmann, The German Serial Killer – “The Berlin Butcher”

George Karl Grossmann

In 1921, the small town of Heidelberg, Germany was rocked by a gruesome discovery. When police arrived in response to neighbors’ reports of shouting and slamming noises coming from one of the flats, they found the body of a young woman who had recently been killed.

It turned out that her murderer was none other than George Karl Grossmann (also known as Carl Fredrick Wilhelm Grobmann), a serial killer whose true victim count remains unknown to this day. Let’s take a look at his story and what led him to be convicted of first-degree murder.

Grossmann’s Early Life And Career

Little is known about Grossmann’s early life. We know he was born in 1884 in Bremen, Germany and that he had served in World War I as an officer in the German army. After leaving the military, he returned home and took up work selling meat on the black market. It is believed that some of this meat contained parts taken from his victims—a sign that his crimes began long before his eventual arrest.

Grossmann’s Murders And Capture

Grossman’s murders were particularly heinous; he would torture and mutilate his victims before dismembering them and disposing of their body parts around Heidelberg. He chose mostly women as victims due to their smaller size, making it easier for him to transport them back to his flat for disposal. Unfortunately for Grossman, it was these same neighbors who heard commotions coming from his flat that eventually led to his capture.

When police arrived at Grossman’s flat, they found evidence linking him to multiple murders in addition to the dead body on the bed – including freshly drained bloodstains on the walls and floorboards and tools used for dismemberment hidden under loose floorboards near the bed where the victim lay dead.

Grossman was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder based on this evidence as well as testimonies from eyewitnesses who reported seeing him dragging bodies away from various locations around town over several months prior to his arrest.


The trial against Karl Grossman ended with a guilty verdict on all charges brought against him – but before he could face sentencing, he managed to hang himself in his own cell using bedsheets tied together in 1922. To this day nobody knows exactly how many lives Karl Grossman took during his reign of terror – but one thing is certain; justice has finally been served for those innocent people whose lives were taken too soon by this monster.

Hopefully now they can rest easy knowing that someone finally paid for their deaths after so long without consequence or closure for their families left behind devastated by their loss.

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