Serial Killers

Ed Gein

Ed GeinIt’s cheating a bit to put Gein on here, since he only has two confirmed kills and therefore doesn’t technically fit the definition of a serial killer (which requires three or more). However, it’s hard to do a list like this and leave off the killer who helped inspire Norman Bates from Pyscho, Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,and Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs.

After his mother died, Gein, along with his brother, started robbing the graves of middle-aged women. Gein was using their body parts and skin to make furniture, along with a “woman suit” of his own — made out of real human skin. After his brother died under mysterious circumstances, the police suspected Ed Gein was responsible, but they were never able to prove it. Meanwhile, dead bodies apparently weren’t cutting it anymore for Gein because he moved on to killing two local women.

When police eventually raided his home because he was spotted at the scene of a murder, they “discovered human noses, vulvae, skulls made into bowls, skin masks, human heads in sacks, lamps and chairs upholstered in human flesh, organs in the refrigerator, and a belt made of human nipples.” That was in addition to a human torso hanging from the ceiling, shrunken heads, and human lips used as part of the drawstring of a window shade.


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