Serial Killers

Vlado Taneski


Crime reporters like Paul Avery and Dominick Dunne have nothing on Vlado Taneski. The Macedonian writer took investigative journalism to a whole new level when he covered a serial killer’s exploits in the town of Kicevo. In the mid-2000s, Taneski wrote about three women who’d been violently raped and murdered. The women, ranging in age from 56 to 65, were all cleaners who resembled each other. Each one had been strangled with a telephone cord, stuffed into plastic bags and tossed outside town. Despite Taneski’s quiet manner and meek personality, his columns kept readers enthralled with his incredible attention to all the grisly details.

In fact, his articles were so detailed they raised a few eyebrows among the local police force. Detectives wondered how Taneski knew things that had never been released to the public, like how the killer used the phone cord to tie up the corpses. Taneski even knew what kind of phone cord the killer was using. Investigators decided to get a sample of Taneski’s DNA—and found it matched the murderer’s semen. Taneski was arrested on suspicion of murder and all the pieces started falling into place. This respected journalist had a horrible relationship with his mom—who just so happened to be a cleaner and looked like all three victims. But before Taneski could go to trial, he committed suicide in his cell, drowning himself in a bucket of water. Talk about an admission of guilt.

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