Serial Killers

Zhou Kehua

Zhou Kehua, once dubbed China’s most dangerous man, went on an eight-year-long rampage between 2004 and 2012, killing as many as nine people. His primary motivation was financial—he would find people leaving ATMs or banks and then shoot and rob them.

The extent of his crimes is not fully known. He spent his time traveling through multiple Chinese provinces and likely committed murders and robberies in most of them. It is certain that he is responsible for shootings in the Jiangsu and Hunan provinces, as well as the city of Chongqing where the ruthless killer finally met his demise.

After being the target of a large-scale manhunt, Kehua died in a shootout with police in Chongqing once an anonymous tipster revealed his whereabouts. Two plainclothes officers tried to approach him, he opened fire, and the officers gunned him down.

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